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We realized last week that we have not updated this blog in about 2 years! Yikes, we are going to try and do more regular updates on what our BJJ school has been up to.

This past Tuesday we had our quarterly promotions night. We always look forward to promotions, we love getting to acknowledge everyone’s hard work and we really love getting to watch our students teach. For those who haven’t attended an Iron Roots promotion night we do things a bit differently, everyone who receives an advancement (stripe or belt) gets the opportunity to teach a technique to the class. This can be their favorite technique, one they have been working on or something random they saw on Youtube. This week we got to learn transitions from side control to mount, ways to pass the knee shield in half guard, a half guard sweep, bow and arrow choke, ezekiel choke, an arm bar from guard and a knee bar. Lots of variety, some beautiful Jiu Jitsu, and just a ton of fun. As Dan articulated at the end of the night, stripes and belts are technically out of date as soon as they are given. We give promotions based on skills you have already acquired, and as long as you keep working and learning that process never ends and you have already moved passed your current promotion. The growth we have been seeing across the board is really encouraging, and we are grateful to everyone for trusting us to guide them along their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey.