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Custom Coaching with Erin

Iron Roots Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Custom Coaching with Erin


Coaching is done in six-week sessions and includes a weekly video chat, drills to be conducted in the student’s own training environment, journal prompts, and rolling analysis. Once every six-week session the student is invited to come to Iron Roots BJJ and do a two-hour in-person session with Erin. The hope is that with this program being limited to women in Colorado, meeting in person once every six weeks will not be too big of a travel burden, but also provided invaluable in-person training. Spots are limited so as to provide quality instruction to each student, send us a message today to ask about rates and any other details!

Iron Roots Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Custom Coaching with Erin

Professor Erin

Professor Erin has been training Jiu Jitsu for 18 years and has spent the majority of her time on the mat learning how to have success as the only woman in a male-dominated sport. Two years ago she decided she wanted to start competing again and jumped wholeheartedly into the women’s competition scene. She spent the first year back at competition fixing strategy, developing game plans, and crafting mental exercises to help her overcome competition anxiety that was impeding her performance. After losing multiple matches in a row for over a year she found success and began winning matches in all rule sets, from IBJJF to submission only and EBI overtime. Erin has a love for both gi and no-gi competition and has had success in both. Erin enjoys teaching large groups at Iron Roots BJJ with Professor Dan but has found her passion for teaching in working one on one with women.

Competition Accomplishments

  • IBJJF No gi worlds bronze black belt
  • IBJJF Houston open gold black belt
  • Submission on the Shore superfight winner black belt
  • Submission on the Shore team event bronze
  • Colorado Jiu Jitsu Club superfight winner black belt
  • Battle Grappling superfight winner black belt
Iron Roots Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Custom Coaching with Erin

Reviews from private lessons and competition camp

“Comp Camp was the best help that I’ve received to prepare for a competition. Erin (and Dan) ensured I understood the point system and ruleset for IBJJF and what the day would look like from start to finish. Drills were well focused on developing a game plan and learning how to earn points within that plan which is something I’ve never paid attention to. The most useful part was the mental preparedness drills of being in tough situations and learning to stay in a positive headspace and exercises outside of class. On top of all this, they are the most positive coaches-no matter your skill level or ability, they make you feel like you’re awesome at the sport!”—Anonymous student

“Where do I even begin?? Even though a few of us were from different schools, Erin received us with open arms and genuinely wanted to help us. The preparation I received from this comp class is truly priceless. I was so worried about being too exhausted or gassing out during my first IBJJF match but thanks to the adrenaline dump simulation drills we did over and over again during this class, I did NOT gas out!! Even tho I lost, I felt so good & energized. My mental headspace was also in a great place. I’m so appreciative of all Professor Erin did for us! Not only did she provide the classes, but she also watched our matches, and she motivated us and rooted us! Incredibly grateful for our training time with professor Erin!”—Anonymous student

“Attending Women’s Comp Camp was an absolute game-changer for me! The attention to detail (strategy, drills, journaling, etc) and first-hand competition knowledge allowed me to develop my game plan, get in the right headspace for competition and ultimately achieve my BJJ goals. Erin believed in me before I ever believed in myself! Her constant encouragement, knowledge, and drive inspire me daily. She’s a rare gem to find in women’s BJJ and I can’t recommend working with her enough!!” —C.C.

Iron Roots Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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