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The Smart Defense program uses Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, and Muay Thai kickboxing techniques. Each technique is selected to give women the best chance to fight off their attacker and/or create an opening for escape. Each of our instructors has extensive experience in at least one of the above martial arts and goes through specific Smart Defense technique training. Additionally, due to the nature of the subject matter, all of our self-defense class instructors have received survivor advocacy training through the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault. We hope to provide trauma-informed self-defense to all of our students, especially those who are sexual violence survivors. If you would like to learn more about the program please contact us today.


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Iron Roots Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class Options

Class Options

There are a few different ways to take self defense classes with us!

Quarterly 8 hour course–this is the official class and recommended way to start your self defense journey. This course includes 8 hours of material, discussion time and journal prompts, and an optional live simulation at the end of the class. We normally hold this course over 2-4 days and we offer it quarterly. The course costs $275 however the better way to describe this cost is as a one time subscription fee. Once you have taken this 8 hour course all other group classes are free to you and you also get access to our online library with training videos. It is important that you have the ability to keep practicing the skills you have worked so hard to learn and we want to help you with that process!
Weekly 1 hour classes–we do a one hour class every Friday night from 6-7pm as a way to continue developing your skills or as another option for starting your self defense journey. This class is free if you have already taken the 8 hour course or $15/class if you have not. We normally pick one or two skills a week to work as a group from the curriculum.
Private lessons–we recognize that not everyone wants to or is comfortable learning in a group environment, so we do offer private lessons as well as our group classes. These private lessons are completely tailored to your needs and you may choose the self defense topics that we work on. You are welcome to bring a partner/friend to practice on or you may work with the instructor or our grappling dummy. You can also do a small group private lesson for up to 3 people. Prices for private lessons proceed as follows:
1 person–$75/hour
• 2 people–$120/hour
• 3 people–$150/hour
Private group lessons–we can do varying types of lessons for private groups of people, whether that be a sports team, group of co-workers or family members who are looking for self defense training. We have some ability to travel to different locations as well if you would prefer to do the training at a location other than our school. If you have three or less people please see above pricing for small group private lessons, however if you have more than 3 people please contact us for a quote for your group lesson.

Iron Roots Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Available Classes

• Next 8 hour course will be added here when scheduled.

• Weekly Friday night classes.

• Please follow this link to our Calendly page to view our Friday night classes and pre-register for your spot. Due to the competition schedule of our instructors not all Friday nights are available for classes.

• Private and small group lessons.

• To make an appointment for a private or group lesson please contact us here for available times.

Iron Roots Brazilian Jiu Jitsu FAQs

• What does it mean that you are trauma informed?- In order to be certified with the Elizabeth Smart Foundation all of our instructors go through sexual assault training through the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault (as the foundation is based in Utah). We learn about sexual assault and how to work with survivors from various instructors to help us better understand different situations as well as communicate in a safe and appropriate manner. Self defense classes are notorious for using victim blaming language and not creating a safe space for participants to work through difficult emotions and triggers, so while we cannot remove all triggers from our classes we work really hard to create an environment free of victim blaming with a huge focus on self-set boundaries and consent in all that we do.

• What if I am uncomfortable during a class?- We anticipate that there may be some discomfort, and we are ready to provide as much support as you may require to work through that or support you in taking breaks/stopping the class. Our number one rule in class is that you are consenting to every activity you participate in or even learn about. So if you are uncomfortable doing a certain move on a partner you are welcome to take a break or we can try and modify that move, like having you practice it without a partner or practice on our grappling dummy. If you need to take a break we have two separate rooms that are available for that, one is a lounge room with soft pillows and a couch and one is an even more secluded massage office that you can have absolute privacy in. And if at any point you decide you would like to go home that is also totally ok. There is never any guilt from us over lack of participation, by simply showing up to class you have already taken huge steps and we think that is amazing.

• What if I am unable to do everything in a class?- Once you have paid and registered for the class you have access to all future group classes free of charge, so if you can’t participate in everything in your first class that is ok because you will have plenty of opportunities in the future to build up to that. That even applies if you got sick the day of your class and weren’t able to attend at all, all future classes are available to you.


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