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Adult Jiu Jitsu

Iron Roots Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Adult Jiu Jitsu

Self Defense

Jiu Jitsu was developed first and foremost as a practical system of self-defense which made the assumptions that whoever you had to defend yourself against was going to be larger, stronger, faster, and more aggressive than you. The Gracies created a system that utilizes proper positioning and leverage that can allow a smaller person to incapacitate a larger opponent. This philosophy (and many of the specific techniques taught in BJJ) have been widely espoused by law enforcement and military organizations across the United States due to their practicality and efficiency.


In addition to providing a powerful self-defense curriculum, BJJ has developed a widespread sports base. The sporting and competitive roots of jiu jitsu came from different schools wanting to give their students opportunities to practice their skills in a controlled setting (and display the quality of instruction available at the separate schools). The sports competition scene has since grown and become much more common, and like other sports, provides benefits similar to other mainstream athletics.


Lastly, for many people, jiu jitsu has become a great way to increase and maintain their personal fitness. Jiu jitsu provides an excellent platform to develop elements of cardio, resistance training, balance and flexibility, and general physical performance. It’s important to emphasize that you do not need to be in great shape before you start! Jiu jitsu is designed to work for all body types and levels of fitness. Wherever your starting point, jiu jitsu can help you move towards your fitness goals in a healthy and balanced way.

Iron Roots Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Adult Jiu Jitsu

Direct Benefits of Jiu Jitsu

  • Physical Skill Development
  • Improved Fitness
  • Self Control and Confidence

Social Benefits of Jiu Jitsu

  • Stress Management
  • Friendship with Training Partners
  • Community


Iron Roots Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Adult Jiu Jitsu

Introduction to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Course

Designed to take the student from zero experience to a foundational understanding of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, this 4-week course will cover all basic positions in Jiu Jitsu, including guard, mount, side control, and the back. Sweeps, passes, and submissions will be taught, along with basic safety and strategy principles necessary for succeeding in Jiu Jitsu. This course is also good for newer students who feel they never got a whole picture approach and are missing basic pieces of understanding.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Basics


Iron Roots Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Adult Jiu Jitsu

Private Lessons

Both Professor Dan and Professor Erin offer private lessons. These lessons are completely catered to you and can be used to get specific instruction on any technique, craft a competition strategy or get analysis on your live rolling. You are welcome to bring whoever you would like to use as your training partner. Ask us about our rates and specials on multi-person private lessons.

Private Lessons


Iron Roots Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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